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Skin Tags

IT'S A LIE !!!

I am 73 years old and you would think having been around so long that I would be privy to web scams and downright hype on the web. Well I'm here to tell you that this product that you see advertised in the Edge browser is just that: HYPE!!!

I paid over 100 dollars for 2 bottles of this stuff and it does not work as claimed. It remains to be seen if it works at all but it definitely WILL NOT remove skin tags overnight. I have a moderate sized cauliflower skin tag behind my left ear and applied the recommended amout of the product to the tag and nothing the next morning. A second night same result. Before I give up I will continue trying the application to determine if it works at all. I will report back in another post when I determine the results of my testing.

Author: Grimloch
06/25/2023, 06:16
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Comments (3)
Andrew Guest

06/25/2023, 09:32

There are scams everywhere, it seems that people are investing more time in developing scams than in anything that will actually help someone. Everyone is out just to get the bucks and the old saying of "buyer be ware" definitely applies in a lot of places.

Shannon Editor

06/25/2023, 10:04

I did finally, find one that works, if you're still looking. I got 3 real big ones off of my neck so I could wear necklaces while on the cruise. It is Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Skin Tag Remover. As indicated in the name, it freezes them at the root. It takes a couple of weeks for them to fall off, but it does work. Hope this is helpful to you!! Love you!

Grimloch Administrator

07/16/2023, 03:26

Well I am reporting back on this issue.
I have been using it as directed since recieving it and it DOES NOT WORK as advertized!
The target cauliflower behind my left ear is in fact shrinking and I expect will eventually fall off but it is very evident that the claim made that it works in 8 hours is a case of gross false advertizing!

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