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Planetary Boundary Study
Planetary Boundary Study
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  Introduction New study updates the planetary boundary framework. Human activities are increasingly affecting Earth's conditions, increasing the risk of drastic changes. Historical Context For over 3 billion years, life and climate have interacted to regulate Earth's environment. Human activities such as deforestation, water management, chemical pollution, ...

Grimloch 09/30/2023, 07:45

Dr. Steven Greers Disclosure Project
Dr. Steven Greers Disclosure Project
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  Introduction: In a world increasingly consumed by technological advancements and space exploration, conversations around Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs/UAPs) and extraterrestrial life have shifted from the realm of science fiction to earnest inquiry. One name that frequently appears at the forefront of these discussions is Dr. Steven Greer, the founder of the Disclosure Project. ...

Grimloch 09/18/2023, 07:46

Human Extinction
Human Extinction
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  Humanity Can Bring on It's Own Demise or Become It's Own Savior Life on this planet has reached its sixth mass extinction, which is "ordinarily defined as about 75% of the world's species being lost in a very short period of geological time,". While the previous mass extinctions came about due to natural causes, "this is the first mass extinction event that ...

Grimloch 07/26/2023, 07:41

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