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Functional Calendar
Functional Calendar
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This is a grand achievement that I have been working on for several weeks now. My calendar is now a fully functioning linkable event calendar. Events being the blog posts. One more nice feature added to this wonderful blog software. The image is the result of clicking the Prev link in the calendar to show the previous month where most of my posts are. I thought it might be helpful to show the ...

Grimloch 07/02/2023, 08:33

phpBlog Software
phpBlog Software
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I thought I would update everyone on the enhancements/improvements that have been made to this site. Let me state that this is one of the better blogging systems out there and I am very happy with it.  There are some areas however, that needed some improvement to make it that much better. My developer buddy Fred and I have done just that.  Here are a few of the ...

Grimloch 06/16/2023, 10:04