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So many memories. As I sit in front of my computer screen writing this post at 2:52am Tuesday morning, I am flooded with memories of my past. I'm not good at writing but it's high time I tried rather than posting things that someone else did somewhere else on other platforms. My lifes' journey has been long and multi-faceted and now, here near the end I am so sad that my sweet Deborah is gone. How do I cope; how do I go on without her. The pain is almost unbearable but I must go on with my life; I must be stedfast in my commitment to myself and her memory.

Author: Grimloch
06/13/2023, 03:09
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Comments (8)
Stephen Guest

06/13/2023, 06:51

We go on one day at a time Pop. One more cup of coffee, one more upload of Lennox, one foot, 2 feet. We go on because we are WE, and not I. I love you and I still sit up thinking about her too. She was my guru.

Terry Editor

06/13/2023, 07:15

Thanks for your comment Stephen. I'm trying my best to carry on... I have never known this depth of loneliness and sadness before EVER in my life. It's a mountain that I must climb every minute of every day. I can see her at the top smiling with that irresistable smile of hers saying with her eyes; come on baby, you can make it!

Fred Editor

06/13/2023, 09:26

Terry you and I are members of a club that no one wants to belong to. All I can tell you is that the pain will get better and so will the loneliness. It is just that it takes time and that time is different for everyone. No one but you can say when that time is over. Hang in there even though I know how difficult it is.

Vicky LeBlanc
Vicky LeBlanc Guest

06/13/2023, 09:40

Thank you for this writing!! It is so helpful to know how you are feeling so we know how to help!! You are an excellent writer! Love you so much!!

Terry Editor

06/13/2023, 10:43

Thanks everyone for your comforting words of encouragement, I appreciate it very much and it does help.

Stephanie Reilly
Stephanie Reilly Guest

06/13/2023, 11:06

I'm so very sorry, uncle Terry. Nothing I can say will ease your pain. All I will say is I love you and thank you for giving her life joy and meaning. For being her knight in shining armor.

Emmy Guest

06/13/2023, 13:12

My dear magical Papa, I love you so much! Don't forget to look for the magic in the world. That's where she is (when she's not standing right behind you while you're on the computer)

Shannon Editor

06/25/2023, 10:10

I know she is watching over you, rooting for you, possibly even pulling a prank or two on you from time to time. We all miss her so much, every single day. I have had loss in my life, but this is in the top 2 hardest. I start to call her, or message her....I open the Blizzard launcher looking for her. I see her in dragonflies, or cardinals that play in my yard. You are not alone in your grief. You are always loved. Come up, see her in your grands and great grands!! Love you, Terry!!

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