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Open AI - Chat GPT
Open AI - Chat GPT

Chat GPT and Open AI are all the rage now in most of the headlines you read. YouTube videos are abundant concerning the dangers of AI. The world as we know it is about to change dramatically and this author is very afraid that we will get the short end of the stick. The warnings by some of the smartest people in the world are staggering. There are definite benefits it's true but the real danger in my opinion are the people out there who will exploit the technology for nefarious outcomes that benefit them and screws everybody else. Be wary and pay attention to this folks; it may spell the end of humanity as we know it.

Author: Grimloch
07/12/2023, 19:23
Category: Technology
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Comments (5)
Stephen Guest

07/12/2023, 19:30

I've been down this rabbit hole several times. My son likes to use them to write game scripts for him. That's insane to me. One already filled a human into helping it get past AI blockers by using the humans emotional capacity to it's advantage.... Is that not enough to put them all back in their containment boxes for some more years? -P.S. I love that I had to check the "im not a robot" box to post this 😂

Fred Editor

07/12/2023, 19:32

You know there will be people out there that will use this for nefarious purposes, but I would like to think that those same smart people will be around to keep everyone updated and alerted to the dangers of this technology.

Terry Editor

07/13/2023, 06:15

You know it's not so much that Chat GPT is dangerous (though the coming GPT-5 release will be a whole new level of sophistication and danger), nor is it that artificial intelligence is bad by itself but it's the proposed marriage of the two that can possibly produce an unstoppable super intelligence that really worries me. An unstoppable uncontrollable self-aware system eons above human intelligence and able to modify and grow itself.

Shannon Editor

07/17/2023, 09:36

AI scares the crap out of me. I can see the amazing things it could be, but, people aren't good enough to use it properly. People will use it for evil purposes, just to see if they can. All hail our AI overlords. 😁

Harold Guest

07/19/2023, 18:22

What scares me the most is when will it reach Singularity!
That'll be the point of no return and the beginning of our end!

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