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Can my cat eat...??

Your cat may turn its tiny nose up to an unfamiliar tin of cat food, but there are many human foods they'll do anything to get their paws on even if it's unsafe.

To keep our feline friends healthy, it's up to us to know what cats can and can't eat, and then keep any dangerous foods out of paws' reach. To make sure you know what snacks to watch out for, Cats Protection has kindly cleared up the most common cat cuisine questions.

Can cats drink milk?

No, cats shouldn't drink milk. While kittens need their mum's milk to thrive and grow, once they're weaned, cats become lactose intolerant. While you may like to treat your cat to specially created cat milk, the drink is high in calories and can cause your kitty to pile on the pounds.

Ultimately, the only thing your cat should drink is water, of which they should always have a clean supply.

Can cats eat cheese?

So, if they can't drink milk, can cats eat cheese? Eating any dairy products is likely to give them an upset stomach, so cheese should be avoided.

Can cats eat chocolate?

It may be one of our favourite foods, but chocolate can kill cats and dogs. The danger is due to a substance called theobromine, and even a small amount can cause cats to suffer serious heart problems and seizures.

Can cats eat liver?

A very small amount of liver no more than once a week is fine for your cat. Any more than this can make your cat very ill, as liver contains a high amount of vitamin A.

Can cats eat tuna?

Tuna sold for human consumption can cause your cat to suffer serious tummy upset. However, there is plenty of cat-friendly tuna on the market that is fine for your cat to eat.

Can cats eat garlic?

Ever heard the rumour that garlic will help protect your cat from parasites like fleas and worms? The myth is not only untrue, but can actually be dangerous for your moggy as even a small amount can cause them to develop a life-threatening form of anemia.

Can cats eat onion?

No, onions are part of the same food family as garlic and so can also cause your cat to develop life-threatening anemia.

Can cats eat raw meat?

Cats are meat-eaters, and most would be more than happy to eat it raw. However, a raw food diet for cats can cause quite a few problems. Not only is it unlikely to meet your cat's nutritional needs, it also contains bacteria and parasites that can make both you and your cat unwell.

Can cats eat dog food?

No, dog food is not an appropriate substitute for cat food. The diets of cats and dogs are very different; cats are carnivores and dogs are omnivores. For this reason, dog food does not contain enough meat protein or even the appropriate amount of vitamins to keep your cat healthy.

Can cats eat biscuits?

Cats can eat cat biscuits because they are created with their bellies and health in mind, so they won't have any ingredients that can be harmful. But if you're asking yourself if cats can eat human biscuits, then the answer is different. Technically, cats can eat human biscuits in moderation, but it's not recommended as, like any other bread products, they are full of carbs and empty calories that will make your kitty pile on the pounds and contribute to nutritional deficiencies in the long term. So, better not feed your cat biscuits.

Bottom line is: Know what you can and can't feed your feline companion to keep them healthy.

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Comments (2)
Fred Editor

06/27/2023, 09:33

I learned the hard way that you shouldn't feed your cat any human food. I used to share some of my lunch meat with my cat until she ended up with some form of digestive issues that caused her to be kept overnight at a vet and came close to dying. Not only was that event financially harsh, but the idea that she might have died from it cured me of the sharing of meat. Now she only eats cat food and will always only eat cat food.

Sherri Guest

07/10/2023, 06:58

Our feline friends just like our canine friends become members of our family in very short order and we love them as a family member. We must protect and nurture our family members so please pay close attention to this article as it could save the life of your family member.

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