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February 22, 2024 @
Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.

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The government has been manipulating its citizens for decades. Big business has been buying and controlling government for decades. Until we all stand together to oppose this, it will continue to happen. In order for us all to stand together, we have to find a way to put aside social issues and focus on real political issues. I fear that there are too many people unwilling to negotiate and meet in the middle on social issues to be able to come together to fight for ourselves.
Unfortunately you are right Shannon. However the whole crux of the matter is this:
"Intelligence Without Wisdom" will be our downfall and our ending on this planet!
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ChatGPT wrote this? I am extraordinarily impressed! I will definitely have to explore it.
in Technology
Well I think it's very fascinating! It's the way techology is headed. But what worries me the
most is when they start messing around with DNA modifications and trying to engineer
a specific type of human with engineered traits. Now that is truly messing with the creators
handi-work !!!
Smartphone addiction is like being hooked on heroin or speed! It's next to impossible to break
free from it. I saw and knew a lot of people in Vietnam that were zombies and probably died
very young from the addictions. Kids (and a lot of adults) are hooked really bad on smartphones.
If a solar storm or an EMP from one of our enemies were to strike it would be instant withdrawal because all electronic devices would fry !!!
Wow there's a lot of information to digest here; but it's all true. News outlets and media
sources all around the globe have been admonishing all of these projections for a very long
time now. Has it made people wake up and smell the truth? Hell no! The average Joe has no
concept of the calamities that are about to engulf the planet. I for one am really scared!
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Scientists have actually created a microscopic wormhole in a lab; of course that's a long long
way from anything practical. But the fact that this kind of research is going on, and given our
innate ability to "see beyond", I believe that mankind (if the planet stays intact) will eventually
figure it out and make it work.
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You are so right my friend and until people enmasse stand up and shout their defiance against
the establishment I'm afraid we will stay "shafted".
The one consistent theme that seems to be running through all of these manipulations, is that the general and me continue to get the shaft. We belong in that majority that is always struggling to make ends meet.
Well after a few more weeks of work I have been unable to get my calendar to show more than one post for a given day so I have decided to give up on that idea at least for now. When there are two posts on the same day it only shows the last post entered into the database.

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