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Animal Communication
Animal Communication
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  Have you ever wanted to know what animals are saying? Anyone with a pet dog or cat surely has at one point or another wondered such a thing. Now, with all of the advances in technology and machine-learning available to scientists, they believe they can actually decode animal communication or, well, at least for some of the animals. Unfortunately, they have only been able to do so ...

Grimloch 10/10/2023, 23:54

Atomic Superconductors
Atomic Superconductors
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The future of electronics will be based on novel kinds of materials. Sometimes, however, the naturally occurring topology of atoms makes it difficult for new physical effects to be created. To tackle this problem, researchers at the University of Zurich have now successfully designed superconductors one atom at a time, creating new states of matter. What will the computer of the future look ...

Grimloch 07/17/2023, 20:23

Plants Can Feel
Plants Can Feel
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Date: May 31, 2023 Source: Washington State University Even without nerves, plants can sense when something touches them and when it lets go, a Washington State University-led study has found. In a set of experiments, individual plant cells responded to the touch of a very fine glass rod by sending slow waves of calcium signals to other plant cells, and when that pressure was released, ...

Grimloch 06/09/2023, 11:39

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