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A rumor without a leg to stand on will get around some other way.

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Music & Artificial Intelligence
Music & Artificial Intelligence
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  1. Music Composition and Production:  AI Composers: AI algorithms are being developed to compose music in various genres. They can analyze existing compositions and create new pieces that are stylistically similar.  Enhanced Production Tools: AI-powered tools can assist human producers in mixing and mastering tracks, making the production process more ...

Grimloch 08/07/2023, 09:34

Music Trends
Music Trends
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There is no doubt that today the most popular music in the music industry is pop music, as its name suggests. The thing about pop is that it is basically that, popular music and trends change over time so pop music is the genre that changes the most over time, while still holding the throne as the most popular in the industry. In order to understand pop, it’s important to understand the ...

Grimloch 06/26/2023, 08:01